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OrangeGerbera is an organizational development agency that specializes in nonprofit businesses. We value dearly the positive effect that nonprofit organizations, their staff, and donors have on communities and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to help them to be successful. We founded the company in 2007 as a way to extend expertise developed over many years as senior marketing and development officers and executive team leaders in marketing, arts and social service organizations to a more diverse and in-need collection of nonprofit groups.

One of our favorite things about this business are the many conversations we have with bright and passionate people from across the nonprofit spectrum. We started this blog to extend the conversation to and continue learning from an even larger group of people. What we write about is based on our 35+ years of combined experience and the constantly evolving nonprofit landscape we encounter every day.

We hope that you’ll join in on the conversation and share with others what you’ve learned or want to learn.

For more information about OrangeGerbera, please visit our site at, or to schedule a meeting contact us here.

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